When Patrick Sébastien speaks without taboo about suicide!

By Tristan Mieger

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Suffering from kidney cancer, Patrick Sébastien distraught, even considered resorting to assisted suicide.

For several years, the galleys have been linked for Patrick Sébastien. After having taken the full face during his eviction from France Télévisions, he had to face a separation. Indeed, after a love story of 30 years, Nathalie Boutot and the host have decided to take separate paths. But a few days ago, he mentioned another passage of the most difficult to live, for him: his cancer. Events that pushed him, unfortunately, to consider suicide. This is what we are going to see right away.

Patrick Sébastien talks about his difficult year

Patrick Sébastien is known to be one of the most outspoken characters on television. And precisely, a few days ago, he agreed to say a little more about his current life. The least we can say is that the year 2022 is difficult for the facilitator. For a while, he even contemplated suicide: “JI’ve considered it many times. I’ve often played with death but I don’t have the courage. It takes to take a gun and shoot“.

Patrick Sebastian

Thinking about suicide Patrick Sebastian obviously thinking of his death. And precisely, he already knows what he wants during his funeral. For him, it is not possible to do this in sadness. Indeed, as he shows on television, the host wants a joyful ceremony: “I want a coffin with lots of garlands, and a happy ceremony with an orchestra“. We recognize it well.

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