“When the shit hits the fan, he’ll help”

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“When the shit hits the fan, he’ll help”
Ralf Schumacher and Cora Schumacher in 2008 at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz © picture alliance/dpa/Bernd Settnik / SAT.1 /Julian Essink

Ex-racing driver Cora Schumacher can be seen on TV again. The 45-year-old chatted a little bit about her life at “Club of Good Moods”. Above all, she also revealed some details about the relationship with her ex-husband Ralf Schuhmacher – even tears flowed.

Thailand – Ex-racing driver Cora Schuhmacher has been seen on TV again and again in recent years. The 45-year-old didn’t make big headlines anymore – until now. She can currently be seen in the new Sat.1 show “Club der Gute Laune” – in the show she reveals many insights from her life.

Cora Schuhmacher is a candidate for “Club der Gute Mood” – an emotional conversation moves her to tears

A total of eleven celebrities fight for the prize of 50,000 euros on the show. Together they flew to Thailand – to face some challenges there and sit on each other 24/7. But the stars didn’t just have tears from friends – ex-candidate Theresia Fischer, who is also a candidate on the show, confessed to the former racing driver that she often didn’t feel enough – and that she would also get this feeling from her husband.

During an emotional conversation, Theresia Fischer and Cora Schumacher burst into tears
During an emotional conversation, Theresia Fischer and Cora Schumacher burst into tears © Sat.1

For Cora Schumacher, a sign to encourage the 30-year-old. She told her how she felt when she came into the Formula 1 world: “I got into this circus, Formula 1. There were only beautiful women there, so I was always worried that Ralf wasn’t enough to be. Everyone wondered: What is she wearing, what is she doing? That made me feel so choked up at times. I would choose normal life over this life anytime today,” she admitted in an interview.

Cora Schumacher and ex-husband Ralf are still close: “If the shit is steaming, then he will help”

Cora herself then became a racing driver herself, until she suffered a serious accident in 2019. As she recalled that time, tears welled up in her eyes. But one was always behind here: Ex-husband Ralf Schumacher. “Whoever was a great support was always Ralf. When the shit hits the fan, he’ll help. You need people like that,” says the 45-year-old.

It’s been seven years since you and the racing driver separated – the former lovers get along well to this day. Cora Schumacher always has an open ear for the former top model candidate. The viewers also discussed the condition of Theresia Fischer in the social media networks. Sources used: Good mood club (Sat.1)