“When they tell you that you have cancer, you begin to imagine the worst”

Julian Gil is honest exclusively about his experience with cancer.

A “little mole” with a little relief set off the alarms of Julian Gil and led him to live the worst of experiences. A cancer diagnosis brought him down, but at the same time tested his faith and his relationship with God. Although the harsh episode happened a year ago, it was only when the actor of The inheritance shared it with his followers through social networks. Today you can say that it has been a test passed, but in an interview with TV and novels alerts people to take precautions and take much more care of the sun.

How do you feel emotionally and physically as a result of the cancer diagnosis? Emotionally I feel very good; as they say, what I had to live through is already a test passed. At first it was news that hit me very hard in all aspects; It was precisely a year ago because it happened in March 2021 in the middle of the pandemic, and it was very hard, I can’t deny that it did lower my spirits a bit, but I’m fine now and I feel stable knowing that everything is over. Physically I am also recovered and following the instructions that the doctors give me.

What were the warning signs that made you realize something was wrong? We were in the middle of recording Juan Osorio’s telenovela, What’s wrong with my family?, and one day, while I was in the hair and makeup area, one of the stylists told me that she noticed on my scalp like a kind of baldness, the production doctor referred me to a doctor specializing in oncology and told me not to worry, that what I had was a consequence of COVID, because one of the consequences was alopecia, that your hair falls out, but that it was nothing and that it was treated with a treatment. Taking advantage of the fact that I was in the office, I told the doctor that I had a mole that was bothering me, it itched from time to time and when I sunbathed it hurt; She saw it for me, sent me to do a biopsy that they sent to the laboratory, and confirmed that it was cancer and that it had to be operated on as soon as possible, but it all happened as a result of the alopecia caused by COVID.

What and who were your support in those moments? As always, my pillar was my family, I leaned on my friends, prayed a lot and got very close to God, but my relatives were essential to accompany me in this process.

At what point in your life did this disease come on? It came unexpectedly and suddenly. It was a very important moment that I was experiencing because I was in the middle of recording the telenovela; I remember that when I received the news I was in Guanajuato and it was difficult. Thank God I had the time to undergo an operation.

Do you have any sequel? I don’t have any sequels, however, after this I must be very careful; not exposing myself to the sun so much, protecting myself and using sunscreen every day, is something essential from now on.

What treatment should you currently follow? The doctor told me that I should be alert to any discomfort that I may have with a mole, a spot on the skin… be very vigilant.

What was the most difficult part of this process? Control the mind. When they tell you that you have cancer, you begin to think and imagine the worst. Being told that you have cancer is the worst news you can receive. Fortunately, it could be detected quickly, time played in my favor and there was no need for chemotherapy or any other type of treatment, only the operation to remove the tumor.

Do you think it is an alarm signal in the face of so much stress and pressure from your work as an artist? I don’t feel pressure with my career, I love what I do, I enjoy it and I feel very happy. Maybe you have had a lot of stress, but because of other things, not because of work.

What would be your recommendation for people to take care of this cancer? You have to check yourself, listen to your body, visit the specialists on time and spare no effort in that. Not only do people who abuse the sun like me get skin cancer, people who don’t expose themselves as much can also get it. Health is the most important.