“When we messed up…”: this “strategic” error that Marine Le Pen will no longer make

Questioned by a panel of French people in the pages of Parisian this Saturday, March 26, Marine Le Pen mentioned a possible place in the second round of the presidential election. And more particularly, the debate between the two rounds of the second round, considered by the candidate herself as a failure in 2017.

For now, the latest polls place Marine Le Pen in the second round of the presidential election against Emmanuel Macron. A position similar to that of 2017 which would commit the candidate of the National Rally to confront the outgoing head of state again. In The Parisian Weekendpublished this Saturday, March 26, the aunt of Marion Maréchal was thus questioned about this possible debate, the previous one having been considered as “a strategic mistake”. “When we screwed up and we’re not totally stupid, we learn from itfirst launched the former companion of Louis Aliot.

Five years ago, I had in front of me a young man who came from nowhere, continued Marine Le Pen. I said to myself that I had to explain to the French what his policy was going to be, and so I was aggressive.” Thus, the RN candidate regretted not having insisted enough on the program of her party. A mistake that she no longer seems to want to repeat: ”This time, I will really use my time to show the French that another policy is possible.” And the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen who already sees herself in the second round to conclude: “I think I’ve never been closer to victory than today.

Marine Le Pen, loans in Russia?

Also in the interview given to the Parisian, Marine Le Pen was asked about her party’s relations with the Russian president. The question ? How to manage “France’s interests in Ukraine” while the National Rally has “borrowed from a Russian bank run by close associates of Vladimir Putin?The presidential candidate returned the query: “Have any of you ever taken a loan from a French bank? Do you feel indebted to Macron? No ? That’s it !” And Marine Le Pen concludes that”no French bank had agreed to [lui] grant a loan for [sa] countryside” in 2017.

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