When your name is Clara, your last name is Piqué and they confuse you with Clara Chía. TikToker talks about the insults he has received for this confusion

Since the separation of Shakira and Gerard Piqué was known, last June, the gossip press and netizens have closely followed all the information unleashed around what was undoubtedly the most thunderous love breakup of 2022.

The paparazzi in Barcelona do not lose sight of the former Barcelona FC defender and neither, of course, of his new love, the 23-year-old Clara Chía Martí. Hence, the couple decided to act with such caution, that only this week Piqué dared to publish a publication on his personal Instagram account in which he is seen in the company of his new love.

And the break has given for everything: even for the most absurd confusions.

This is what the Catalan woman is experiencing right now Clara Puig Piquea young woman in her early 20s and as blonde as Clara Chía, who identifies herself on social networks only by her first name and second surname —Clara Piqué— on Instagram, which she has had to put in private mode, due to the large number of messages (many of them insults) and requests from followers that mistake her for the player’s girlfriend.

This ‘tikToker’, displaying his sense of humor, published a series of four videos on the @clarappique account of this social network showing what happens to him, one of them sympathetically accompanied by the aforementioned Music Sessions, Vol. 53which Bizarrap and Shakira released on January 13.

In one of those videos, he posts “When your name is Clara, your last name is Piqué and they confuse you with Clara Chía” and shows that at the moment he records it, he has more than 506 requests for followers, mostly from male profiles, which which he considers to be true harassment.

The matter has gone so far that some TikTok users who follow Clara Piqué have asked her for proof of the veracity of her name. Since not only is she called Clara, like her girlfriend, and her last name is Piqué, like Shakira’s ex, but her other last name is Puig, like the other supposed lover of the ex-soccer player.

However, far from being angered by such confusion, The young woman chose to take this strange situation she is experiencing with humor. She even jokes about this matter: “It clearly hit me.”

A relationship that no longer hides

The ex-soccer player would have published an image on his Instagram making their relationship official.
The former soccer player published an image on his Instagram making his relationship with Clara Chía official. – Photo: Taken from Instagram @3gerardpique

It is that, last Wednesday, January 25, the businessman and owner of Kosmos published his first official photograph with his girlfriend, the 23-year-old girl who worked with him and who was accused of damaging the union that existed between the Spanish and the Colombian.

Although there were rumors about a possible crisis between Piqué and Clara Chía, The image showed that they are very well and that they no longer hide their love.

Before the publication, many of the ex-sportsman’s followers reacted.

However, as expected, social networks exploded with the thousands of divided opinions generated by the photo with the woman who occupies the loving place of the mother of her children. While some decided to support him, others, for their part, “riddled” him without measure.

Shakira will soon release a new song, this time in collaboration with another Colombian: Karol G. Are new darts coming against Piqué? Getty Images – Photo: Getty Images

“Clearly she’s the same as youuuuuuuuuu”; “All new broom always sweeps clean”; “It is very clear that you are trying to hurt Shakira”; “When they cuckold you, you won’t bill as Shakira bill”; “He’s happy riding his Twingo, we’ll see how long it lasts for him!”; “When she gets old, you won’t have matured yet”; “I don’t know why they celebrate someone who cheated on his wife,” were some of the comments that drew the most attention in Piqué’s publication.

Others were: “this one wants remix”; “You traded a Rolex for a Casio”; “She is clearly a homewrecker”; “Clearly they forced him to upload it”; “I would bet my ovary that the lady forced him to post the photo”; “That’s to cover up the romance with the lawyer”, and “The postcachos photo itself as a way to keep her calm”.