Where and when was the video of Piqué’s mother silencing Shakira recorded? The attack was due to an alleged fight between the couple | People | Entertainment

What the press interpreted as emotional gestures was apparently a tremendous fight between Shakira and Gerard Piqué in 2015. From there came the video where the singer’s mother-in-law is seen trying to silence her behind the scenes.

The situation arose during the award ceremony that Gerard Piqué received, specifically on January 25, 2015: the Best Catalan Sportsman Award.

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“The footballer was very nervous and excited all night,” reported the world press and the videos endorsed the appreciation, as the couple was emotional, both wiping away tears and Piqué, also distracted, evaded contact with the singer on several occasions .

Now, once the differences between Shakira and Piqué came to light, many maintain that the couple had an epic fight that night. So much so, that in the end, the ex-soccer player’s mother wanted to intervene to prevent the press from noticing the disagreements.

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Where and when was the video of Piqué’s mother silencing Shakira recorded?

The award ceremony for the Best Catalan Sportsman of 2015 was on January 25 at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona. In all the photos and videos Piqué looks nervous, uncomfortable, not as happy as he should be.

In one part of the event, Shakira sitting next to him tries to hug him and hold his hand, but Piqué evades her. Then, she pulls his cell phone out from under one leg and hands it over to him. The ex-soccer player receives him with a gesture of indifference.

Some thought at that moment that both, tearful, were invaded by the emotion of the moment. Later, it was allowed to slip through as a rumor, that Piqué was angry about the sexy minidress with metallic applications that Shakira wore that night.

Apparently, “Montse”, Piqué’s mother, tried to keep things from getting out of control and wanted to silence her daughter-in-law, so that she would not ruin the moment for her beloved son. But eight years later, the video was released to the public, for better or worse.


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