Where can you see the new series by Nicole Kidman or Elisabeth Moss?

The series that Elisabeth Moss, Nicole Kidman and Claire Danes have recently released are on the Silicon Valley platform, however the number of users in Spain is infinitely less than Netflix or HBO. Would you give them a chance? Apple TV+ subscription It has a very similar cost to other platforms, and it is not necessary to have specific devices of the brand, its contents can be seen on any smart television or browser.

‘Defending Jacob’

The most acclaimed series on the platforms coincide in being adaptations of very successful novels, this is the case of ‘Defending Jacob’, a drama that will put the family of a teenager in check, Jacob, accused of the death of a high school classmate.


This miniseries has two seasons starring Michelle Dockery (who we will always remember as Lady Mary Crawley from ‘Downton Abbey’) and Chris Evans (‘Captain America’), both play the parents of Jacob, the young man accused of murder. However, the plot gets a bit more complicated. Dockery’s character is district attorney, so his profession and his family will come into conflict.

This series has one of the best ratings of the series released in 2022. Lhe critics have praised its excellent workmanship, the perfection of its setting and the excellent plot twists that never cease to amaze as the plot progresses.

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‘Little Voice’

Behind this project is the Grammy winner Sara Bareilles, and the creator of ‘Lost’, JJ Abrams. It is a series steeped in the musical atmosphere of Broadway and a declaration of love to the city of New York.

‘Little Voice’ talks about the sensitivity of every artist that is seen in the situation of opening up to the scrutiny of others, especially in the sessions of open mic New York (of “open mike”) where first-time applicants play the type as spontaneous, giving it all in nightclubs without many expectations.


This series is the dream of Broadway and, in a way, the American spirit of success. Starring Bess, a young woman who works as a waitress and Take advantage of all your free spaces in composing songs, rehearse and find a way to flourish in the big apple.

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‘The Essex Serpent’

The critics have gone crazy with this series, it has been a long time since there was such a unanimous opinion regarding what is considered an unusual series. This drama, starring Claire Danes (“Homeland’, ‘Romeo and Juliet’) is above all beautiful, the photography and the sets of mid-nineteenth-century London are impeccable, also achieving a bucolic beauty in the staging of the British coast.


Danes’s character, Cora, has just been widowed from a deeply abusive relationship. now that she is free leaves Victorian London behind and moves to a coastal area, a small town in Essex. Now that she breathes freedom and solitude, Cora begins to discover what the locals call ‘the Serpent of Essex’: a mysterious superstition.


If you liked the series ‘Glow’, maybe you should give ‘Roar’ a chance, both series have in common that they start from the same creators, Liz Flahive and Carly Mensh. The interesting thing about this series is that each chapter takes us into a new story that takes as a common thread the perception that women have of themselves and the conflicts generated by being a woman in the 21st century.


Among the 8 stories told by ‘Roar’ we will find Nicole Kidman (Oscar winner for ‘The Hours’), Judy Davis (one of Woody Allen’s muses whom we saw in ‘Celebrity’ or ‘Husbands and Wives), Alison Brie (who we met as one of the protagonists of ‘Glow’). In fact the series is produced by Kidman and has several episodes directed by Rashida Jones (daughter of the famous composer and producer Quincy Jones, and star of Sofia Coppola’s ‘On the rocks’).

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‘The Luminous’

Few actresses have been completely successful in all the roles they choose, but Elisabeth Moss shows with each project in which she embarks that she has a very finely tuned criterion. After ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ (which will return in September to HBO) now Moss surprises us with ‘The Luminous’, a series in which she plays Kirby, a woman who suffered a brutal assault years ago and who now, in the newspaper where she works, believes she has found links between a witness and her case. She thus she will begin to investigate to find the aggressor who changed her life.


The series has a supernatural component, the character played by Moss has a strange ability to live in several different times, As if I could travel through the ages, which produces disturbing changes in their way of relating to the world. The interesting thing is that this strange faculty came to her when she was assaulted by the person she is now looking for.

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