Where to see the Oscars 2022 gala

picture of the dolby


Since the pandemic began, events and awards ceremonies have had to adapt to the new circumstances in which red carpets were non-existent, with few ‘celebs’ or directly virtual. For a few months, with the exception of the Golden Globes that were not broadcast or had the presence of stars, we have already begun to see a certain normality in this type of soirees, although measures such as vaccination certificates and negative tests are maintained. One of the ones that is generating the most expectation is the Oscar 2022. If you are an absolute fan of the great festival of cinema, we will tell you where you can see the gala, the day, the time and all the details that are known to date.

One more year, Movistar+ will broadcast live, during the early hours of March 27, everything that happens on the previous catwalk, commenting on the best looks of the Oscars and the anecdotes that occur before and during the delivery. Starting at midnight, the nominations will be reviewed, half an hour later the red carpet will start and at 2:00. the ceremony.

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It will be a long night, but we will not be alone, since María Gómez will be broadcasting from Spain with María Guerra, Juan Sanguino and Valeria Vegas, among others. Cristina Teva and Gui de Mulder will be at the Dolby in Los Angeles. What stars will we see? It’s still too early to give names, but Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz will surely appear from our national teams, both contenders for the statuette for ‘Ser los Ricardo’ and ‘Parallel Mothers’. As a novelty, eight categories will be delivered in advance to speed up the gala. Throughout the three hours of duration, everything that happens on stage will be presented by three women: Amy SchumerRegina Hall and Wanda Syker, so humor is assured. Who will cheer with performances? Beyonce, Bellie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell, Reba McEntire and Sebastian Yatra.

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