Whitney Paige “wet” and muddy pulls the string, while shaking the “pachoncita”

Whitney Paige has now received a series of very hot messages and no wonder, once she uploads a series of photos and videos to her social media, steals the attention of his public and they rain “hearts”, flames of fire and kisses Large size, The sexy woman bounces her charms and the show tastes.

The 28-year-old model, Without a doubt, she is one of the favorites on social networks and her love for modeling has brought her fruit, since in her networks she has almost two million followers who enjoy seeing her pose in various outfits that make the imagination of many fly.

Seeing her now in a very “little little thread” They know what to do, her fans unleash a series of messages to the taste that gives them to see her daring and very flirtatious, modeling from behind and from the front, teaching their “cosotas” in all its glory. The model competes with Fátima Segovia, she wants to be the queen in the networks and in OnlyFans.

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The 28-year-old model drove her followers crazy with this little outfit that she wears. Photo: Instagram

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The famous woman knows how to drive her followers crazy. Once she is seen dancing in a TikTok video where she lets herself be seen daring and moves her “cosotas” from ahead. She wears a transparent blouse that reveals part of the image of her “twins”. Some messages are as follows; “Perfect. What a beauty and what a delight of a woman”, “Delicious”, “Pretty too much”, “I like you all”, “Yes, but I like you more…”.

The beautiful Whitney Paige reveals her silhouette in a bathing suit. Photo: Instagram

But that was not the only thing he did to drive his followers crazy, he also uploaded a series of photos where he is seen in a suit thread bath, in white, the little pieces of cloth did not cover any of its charms from the front. nor their “chocolates” rear, since the two-piece set was very small. Whitney Paige “wet” and muddy pulls the string, while shaking the “pachoncita”

The model Whitney Paige shows her silhouette in a bathing suit. Photo: Instagram

The sexy woman seeks to be the favorite on the networks with her favorite videos and photos. Especially because she shows her beauty in her outfits that are very “flirty”.

The famous has given for uploading several videos on TikTok that have been the sensation.

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