Who are the characters of “The Paper House: Korea”?

After the recent end of the first season of La Casa de Papel: Corea, many say that in the Asian version their characters managed to perfectly embody those who in the original idea (created by Álex Pina) impacted the entire world.

Yoo Ji-Tae plays The Professor, Park Hae-Soo plays Berlin (her controversial and attractive brother), Jeon Jong-seo is the rebellious Tokyo who falls in love with Hyun-Woo Lee (Rio). On the other hand, Wong-jong is Moscow and Ji-Hoon Kim is the endearing Helsinki.

Agent Murillo (who will later be called Lisboa, once she joins the band) is played by Yunjin Kim, who is accompanied by Jang Yoon-ju as Nairobi.

Until the first six published chapters, none of the members of this series has died, but it is assumed that this will happen later, at least if they intend to continue the original argument.

The main difference between the original version and its adaptation is that the latter shows the political and social conflicts of Korea as a divided nation (between North and South), which becomes the basis of the entire story. After a very successful ending, there are so many points to be resolved that everyone assures that Netflix is ​​already preparing a second part.