Who are the most beautiful celebrities according to science

It is popularly said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or that it is something completely subjective, however, some sectors of science have set out to study it more thoroughly and recently have used techniques on celebrities to know which are the most beautiful.

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For years it has been thought that certain actors or singers are considered the most handsome, depending on their charisma or the projects they undertake or the popularity among their fans, however, the plastic surgeon based in London, United Kingdom, Julian da Silvaresorted to more precise elements to decree who are the most beautiful.

What is the golden ratio and how is it related to beauty?

To do so, the expert relied on the golden ratioa term also known as the golden number, used by the Greeks to relate to the concept of beauty hundreds of years ago.

This measurement is represented by the Greek letter phithis determines the degree of perfection that a person has depending on the symmetry of facial features.

According to Phidias, a Greek sculptor, the perfect measurements change depending on the gender, so, to speak specifically of men, you need: an oval or heart-shaped face, oval eyes, a linear and marked jaw, a thin and straight nose.

Julian da Silva armed himself with the golden ratio and did a computerized mapping to determine the percentage of beauty of celebrities.

For the process, the doctor measured the length and width of the face, then divided the results, the closer the result is to the phi number, the more perfect the face.

Another point to take into account was the width of the eyes, which should be equal to the distance between them, likewise, the length of the ear, which should be equal to the length of the nose.

To finish, the specialist took into account the measurements that the person has between the hairline of the forehead to the point between the eyes, from the point between the eyes to the bottom of the nose and from the tip of the nose to where the chin ends If the measurements are correct, then the subject in question is considered beautiful.

Top 10 of the most beautiful celebrities:

1.Robert Pattinson:

The Englishman has been widely mentioned recently, especially for the premiere of his most recent film ‘The Batman’ in March of this year. His beauty has been admired even by the fashion world, it is worth keeping in mind that he is one of the ambassadors of the luxury brand Dior. Robert Pattinson occupies the first position because according to the golden ratio he has perfect features, he earned a percentage of 92.15%, his only defect, according to da Silva, is his lips, they are thin and flat.

2.Henry Cavill:

Recognized for having played Superman and adored by many, his percentage was 91.64%, leaving him in second position. Thanks to the measurements, his lips, forehead and eye position Henry Cavill is considered the second most beautiful.

3.Bradley Cooper:

The actor and director, Bradley Cooper, was ranked number three in the top of Julian da Silva with a percentage of 91.08%. Considering the measurements, the shape of his nose and face don’t quite match, but the position of his eyes does.

4. Brad Pitt:

Although Brad Pitt is one of the favorites of many, even considered the most handsome for many years, according to the golden position he took fourth place with 90.51%. This is due to the space between his eyes, however, the shape of his nose is not very proportional.

5. George Clooney:

The American, George Clooney, got into the five most beautiful men in the world, the fifth place on this list managed to be mentioned despite having lost volume in his face as he gets older. Over the years, he has flaccidity around his eyes and this causes his features to change, so the measurements also change.

The rest of the celebrities in the top 10 are: Hugh Jackman, David Beckham, Idris Elba, Kanye West and Canadian Ryan Gosling.