Who earns more money, Belinda or Ángela Aguilar?

Belinda and Ángela Aguilar are two of the artists of the moment in Mexico, even with international projection. Each one with a very different career but excelling in what they know how to do and occupying the places they deserve and deserve in the music industry, thanks to their constant work, effort and career.

The one who has the longest career is Belinda, since she is also older: at 32 years, she is 14 years older than “Pepe” Aguilar’s daughter. Her wider haul allows her not only to have more fame and popularity but also more money.

Belinda has a net worth of 10 million dollars, according to the site Celebrity Net Worth, while the young regional Mexican singer has an approximate fortune of 2.5 million dollars, according to data from Idol Net Worth.

As for your earnings; we can also compare how much artists receive for their music on Spotify. There, it is Belinda who also takes more income than Aguilar.

According to the site Royalties Calculator, the interpreter of “Luz sin Gravidad” has monthly income of more than 24 thousand dollars thanks to the reproduction of her music on Spotify, while her annual income is 293 thousand dollars. For her part, Ángela Aguilar takes about 15.26 thousand dollars a month from this platform and just over 183 thousand dollars a year.