Who has more money Daddy Yankee or Karol G?

Daddy Yankee and Karol G are two references of Latin music at an international level. Both have explored the urban genre extolling it with hits and unique live performances.

Coming from the heart of Central America, the figures have a well-defined and different style, even though they are both reggaeton singers. Karol G prevailed from Colombia and Daddy Yankee from Puerto Rico and they managed to amass popularity and a lot of money doing what they are so passionate about.

Both “La Bichota” and “Legendaddy” are millionaires, although one of them has more money.

Daddy Yankee has a heritage of 40 million dollars, according to the site Celebrity Net Worth and therefore is the one who has the most money, compared to the interpreter of “Tusa” who amasses a fortune of 8 million dollars, according to information from the same site .

The economic difference can be understood since while Daddy Yankee is going through his retirement from urban music after more than two decades of success; Anuel AA’s ex-partner is on the rise (in a very good stage of his professional career) and he still has a long way to go.

Karol G is currently on tour while her Puerto Rican pair is preparing for an international tour, perhaps the most important of her career since it puts an end to a long stage of her life in which she managed to leave her mark and make history. inside the music.