Who has more money Ovi or Gente de Zona?

Ovi and Gente de Zona are successful exponents of urban music but between the soloist and the duo, one of the three currently has more money.

According to information provided by the Wiki site, Ovidio Crespo has a net worth of between one and a half million dollars and three million, as does Alexander Delgado, while Randy Malcolm Martínez (the other member of Gente de Zona) has between one and five million, in accordance with what Popular Bio explains.

On Instagram, Ovi has more than two million followers, while Gente de Zona has almost two million and this difference is due to the fact that the youth is currently booming and captures the attention of a younger audience and therefore closer to the social networks. But the truth is that the three artists raise money in this space thanks to the contracts they sign with various companies.

The careers of these performers are marked by success: in the case of Ovi, Bad Bunny caught the attention of his particular style when it comes to combining urban sound with Mexican corridos. And Alexander and Randy have been together for more than twenty years, but without a doubt they became known worldwide when they sang the song La Gozadera together with Marc Anthony.

So far, the video clip of the catchy song has far exceeded 1.4 billion views on YouTube.