Who has more money Rosalía or Anitta?

Rosalía and Anitta are two of the women who have managed to put urban music at the top and that is why they both have millionaire fortunes that do not stop growing.

The Brazilian has a net worth of 50 million dollars according to the media Celebrity Net Worth, while her Spanish counterpart has collected 49 million so far (according to data provided by The US Sun), thus making it clear that the difference between both is minimal.

On Instagram, the interpreter of “Envolver” also leads the numbers (although here with a great disparity) since she manages to have more than 63 million followers and Rauw Alejandro’s girlfriend just over 22 million. However, it is true that both are summoned by recognized international brands that choose them to advertise different products and services on their accounts.

Rosalía rose to fame with her song “Malamente” which had a leading flamenco style and Anitta managed, in 2013, to impact the public in her country with the song Show das Poderosas that entered the top of the Brazil Hot 100 Airplay list.

The admiration among the stars is publicly known and according to what the young carioca told La Vanguardia: “I met Rosalía when I didn’t know who she was at the MTV EMA’s that were held in Spain. She came to me and said ‘I am your fan'” and from that moment both established a bond of friendship and camaraderie.