Who is Alexandra Grant? Keanu Reeves’s girlfriend whom he will marry after 24 lonely years and overcoming the tragedy of love that marked her life | People | Entertainment

Keanu Reeves He is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood, and his professional career is very successful. His performances in films such as “Maximum speed” (1994), “The devil’s advocate” (1997) and the “Matrix” trilogy (1999/2003), are a sample of his acting skills, staying current thanks to his interpretation of “John Wick”.

Although behind his action characters, his talent and his simplicity, he keeps a rather tragic love life.

Keanu Reeves’ love wrapped in tragedy

Little is known about Keanu’s personal life, since he is a rather reserved man, but what was well known by all at the time were the terrible events that occurred 24 years ago.

In 1998, Keanu Reeves attended a party where he met Jennifer Symea 26-year-old woman who worked as an assistant to the director David Lynch. It was love at first sight, and shortly after dating she became pregnant, according to information from GuioTeca.

But unfortunately the joy was short-lived, and in December 1999, With 8 months of gestation, the baby was born dead. This emotional shock plunged Syme into a deep depression that she did not overcome.

Shortly after, almost 1 year and a half later, the young woman died in a car accidentcrashing into several vehicles that were parked.

In 2006, Keanu Reeves referred to these tragic events that marked his life: “Grief changes form, but it never ends.”

In 2015, Keanu Reeves caused a stir for his chivalry on the New York subway

He added: “People have the misconception that you can deal with this, but they are wrong. When the people you love are not around, you are alone.

Life smiles at Keanu again

After so many years of being a lonely man and far from getting involved with a romantic partner, “John Wick” star Keanu Reeves has found his soulmate and is ready to propose to his girlfriend.

Is about Alexandra Granta 49-year-old American artist who, according to a source close to Life and Style “could be the right partner”, for the actor, who is 57 years old.

According to Good Show, the star of “Matrix” was seen in a store of jewels in The Angelsselecting a diamond ring with which he proposed marriage to Grant, privately and without echoing on social networks.

“Keanu popped the question after they returned home from Europe where he was shooting back-to-back movies, and she was there the entire time to support him,” a source told OK! Magazine, adding that her busy schedule made her realize that she cannot live without Grant.

According to some anonymous sources, the wedding ceremony is planned to be done in a “relaxed way”, and will take place outdoors with a small group of family and friends. (AND)

Keanu Reeves invited all his friends with expenses paid to the premiere of The Matrix: Resurrections