Who is Alexandra Rocha, Ecuadorian Logan’s romantic interest? | People | Entertainment

alexandra rocha have 24 years. She was born in Cochabamba, Bolivia. She is one of nine participants of the power of love 2. She works as an actress and a lawyer.

He left his country with high expectations about his participation in the reality show. “Very happy and grateful for the opportunity, so let’s hope I can do my best so they can see and vote for me, for Cochabamba too,” she said to Bolivian flavors.

About love, he said this in the video of his presentation: “It’s connection and I would love to find a partner with whom to share many things in my life.”

His arrival on the show was in the second episode and he has been gaining popularity in Ecuador, due to the romantic interest he raised in the youtuber Ecuadorian Logan.

Although he did not mention names, Rocha confessed that he is attracted to one of his teammates reality show. “I think I must admit that yes,” she replied when the panelists of the Mustache program from Red Uno asked her if she likes someone.

Among the Bigote panelists is Claudia Penaparticipant of The power of love in the first season.

Your stay in Turkey

During the interview, Rocha confessed that he misses food from his country. “One being here in Turkey misses the food of Bolivia a lot… The food of my city. I think you value when you leave,” she said.

The young actress indicated that the time change has also affected her. “There are days I sleep three hours and days I sleep 12 hours when I have to rest,” she said.

He also commented that he likes Istanbul, the city where the program is recorded, of which he said that the production team is very friendly. “You feel like family. I think that the treatment of the production towards us has been very good, from the people who prepare us with the makeup, the producers…”, she affirmed.

He also said that he maintains a very good friendship with his compatriot, Caroline Wheels, who is an actress, comedian, and content creator. “It has been very nice to meet her, we did not know each other outside the program,” she said.

He also regretted the elimination of another of his compatriots, Alessandro Jimenez (30) at the first gala.

After Jiménez left, one of the participants who entered was the Bolivian Gaston Asin (20 years old), with whom Rocha had a romantic past. (AND)