Who is Ana Bárbara’s brother who also succeeds in music?

Ana Bárbara has established herself as one of the greatest representatives of grupera music after four decades of professional career and multiple awards during all this time.

The talent comes from the family, since the member of the critics panel of “La Academia 20 años” has a brother who is also dedicated to music and triumphs within the Mexican regional genre.

This is José Francisco Ugalde Motta, better known as Pancho Ugalde.

Ugalde Motta is a producer and composer. He started in music with the duet Los Elegidos that he formed with his brother anterior, then he was away from his career for seven years until 2021, the year in which he decided to resume and released the song “A dress of kisses”. He then continued working and is now focused on “Envidia”, a new composition in which he pays tribute to the late artist Joan Sebastian.

Unfortunately, the brothers have not had contact for five years. According to what Ugalde told People en Español magazine, with Ana Bárbara they are estranged but not fighting. “There are no agreements between us. But I think they are disagreements that remain in the family, but I know of the great love that she (Ana Bárbara) has for me; she knows of the great love that I have for her, never in my life would I wish her a bad and I know that neither does she to me. We have not spoken for almost five years”