Who is Asaf Torres, the most voted of the house of the boys of ‘The power of love’? | People | Entertainment

Asaf Torres he has 11.4% of the votes. Percentage that makes it the most voted in the boys’ house The power of love and therefore the leader. (These results were shared at the most recent gala, on May 8).

Torres is from Puerto Rico. He is 24 years old.

“For me, love is the most beautiful and purest feeling in the world. For me the world revolves around love, because it is everything. It is in the family, in friendships and in relationships, so love can give you everything, as it can also take it away from you, ”she commented on love in his presentation for The power of love.

“I came here to Turkey because I want them to meet Asaf and see if any girl really likes what I am… and I want to find someone who contributes to my life…” added the Puerto Rican.

One month after the premiere of the second season of the reality showAsaf maintains a relationship with the Panamanian Karina Linnett (23), who is the most voted of the girls’ house.

For Torres, the reality shows they are not new, before it was in For love or for moneywhich was broadcast by Telemundo and was led by the actor and singer Carlos Ponce. He left the program due to an injury to his arm that required surgery.

In For love or for money Ecuadorian also participated Dinah Munoz.

In addition, he participated in Guerreros 2021 (wapaPuerto Rico) and in Guerreros Mexico for Televisa.

Another facet of the Puerto Rican is that he works as a singer-songwriter. In February of this he premiered the musical theme I’m not over. “I have been training for years to perform in the field of music as well. It has been many hours of study and dedication. It is a process, in which you want to give yourself time to find yourself. I am very happy with the result and I can’t wait to present it to everyone,” Torres said, according to www.metro.pr.

Regarding the lyrics of the song, he commented that it arose in the studio where he usually works. “I was making a song to sell, but I ended up liking it so much that I decided to keep it. It is a theme that you can listen to in the disco … as in a moment of passion with your partner, ”she said.

Also through his social networks he shares exercise routines. (AND)