Who is Chana Goyons, Miss Provence 2022 (who just graduated…)?

The race has started. A few weeks before the historic Miss France competition, the candidates vying to succeed Diane Leyre are all complete. And as always, we are all very curious to get to know them before the evening to be held on December 17, in Châteauroux. Find out who is behind Chana Goyons Miss Provence.

The election miss France in fact dream more than one. Year after year, young women, each as unique as the next, parade, discuss and present themselves in the ultimate hope of being crowned. 30 candidates are jostling again this year to get there. And so succeed Diane Leyrethe current miss France. And like every year, the time is to discover the candidates, before the ceremony.

Chana Goyons: age, origin, studies…

Chana Goyons, 18 years old and who has just obtained her baccalaureate with honors, is from Gassin near Saint-Tropez (Var). She was elected on July 29 in the arenas of Istres, Miss Provence 2022. She therefore won her ticket for the election of Miss France. “I was surprised not to be stressed. I had a lot of fun, I was able to make the most of this evening. I was still apprehensive about the speech because, when I was younger at school, I I had a lot of trouble speaking. I was always stressed in front of my classmates”, she tells Provence. “What sets me apart is my spontaneity, I’m not afraid to show myself as I am and I always trust my intuition”she said in the columns of Paris Match.

Fight against domestic violence

For her election, the pretty miss wants to defend a cause that is close to her heart: the fight against domestic violence. “I am a member of the Carl association in La Ciotat. We defend women in particular and everything that deals with rape, incest. This also includes child protection. We intervene for all these dramas within families”. A cause which, if elected, will be highlighted with fervor. She assures him.

“I lend my image for example. This week, I shot videos with the founder of the association to make prevention clips. We aim, after the election of Miss France, to go to schools to talk about it. This cause must be defended to Miss France because it is a program that is watched by many families“, she confides to Provence.

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