Who is Dean Pelic, Belinda’s new suitor?

Since she’s single, Belinda has no shortage of suitors to choose from with whom to have a good time. One of them, the most striking, is called Dean Pelic, a man from Croatia who draws attention on social networks for his physical attractiveness.

For some time now, the heartthrob has dedicated himself to leaving his mark on the singer’s Instagram, commenting on some publications and leaving his “likes” on each Belinda publication that dazzles him.

Belinda’s new admirer is 36 years old, born on June 16, 1986 in Umag, Croatia.

The European is handsome and enterprising. On his Instagram @deanpelic (with a verified account) he introduces himself as a model, TV host, coach, and writer of best-selling books. He is also an actor and, according to what he told on his networks, he has dedicated 9 years to acting.

Pelic has developed a great career as a model and is one of the best known in his country. “In Croatia, I did absolutely everything that could be done in modeling. It was time for new experiences, for new victories. To get out of the comfort zone,” he notes in his biography. After six years of modeling in his country, the proposal came to him to work in one of the most prestigious fashion agencies in Milan, Italy. He has also worked as a model in France, Greece, Poland, Austria, Slovenia and other European countries.

Belinda’s handsome suitor is also a writer, in 2015 he published a book titled “Her Side of the Story for You”, which gained best-seller status.