Who is he and what illness did he have?

She is a Colombian actress who has made a name for himself in the world of entertainment, thanks to his contributions to both film and television.

His career began in the popular series ‘Padres e hijos’, in which he participated from 2001 to 2002. Later, he was part of the cast of several productions, among which are Los reyes, Floricienta, Overgiro de amor, among others.

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Nevertheless, it could be said that he achieved fame with his leading role in the Colombian adaptation of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘A corazon abierto’, a program that was broadcast on the RCN channel.

Over the years, Durán has also participated several times in the cinematographic field, Well, he has been part of films such as ‘La just measure’ by Conbert García, ‘The last breath’ by René Castellanos and ‘El cartel de la papa’ by Jaime Escallón.

In 2021, the Colombian said she had thyroid cancer and that for this reason, she was receiving aggressive treatment that forced her to reject several professional projects.

In fact, she too She said that this had affected her during the recordings of some series, Well, in his words, “I started losing jobs. I think the last time I did a series they were blown away by me because I was sick throughout the series. Since ‘A corazón Abierto’ I’ve been sick”

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It is worth mentioning that a few days before being diagnosed with cancer, her doctors had already told her that she suffered from ‘Asia Syndrome’, an autoimmune disease that, in her case, was caused by breast implants that she had received. Due to this situation, during 2022 he had to undergo surgery to remove them.