Who is Kimberly Loaiza’s younger sister?

Kimberly Loaiza had the ability and intelligence to understand how social networks work and take advantage of it. So it was that she put together her professional career on the Internet and became a true celebrity. She along with her partner, Juan de Dios Pantoja, found her niche on YouTube and then both managed to cross the screen meeting their audience on stage.

Who follows in the footsteps of the Mexican artist is her younger sister Steffany Loaiza, who on Instagram has already managed to attract the attention of more than 3 million users. Who is “Teff” and why is she becoming more popular?

The younger sister of the renowned Mexican influencer is 18 years old. She was born on February 14, 2004 in Sinaloa (Mexico), where she grew up. Her sign is Aquarius. Stefanny has two brothers: Kimberly and Carlos. She is a model and fashion influencer.

The young lady has more than 27 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel where she barely has two videos with her sister, the most famous.

For his part, on Instagram he appears as @stefannyloaiza.m and there he has 3 million followers. Stefanny is also very popular on TikTok, where she entertains 7 million fans on her “tifannylm” account with her comedy videos and lip syncs.