Who is Luis Fernando Ochoa? key male figure in Shakira’s career

The Colombian has just posted a new photograph with a male figure who was key in the history of her career, Shakira continues to reinvent herself and with it her music. After a song that went straight for the jugular of Gerard Piqué, Clara Chia Marti Y Montserrat Bernabeublunt and openly, he released everything from which he needed to be freed.

Shakira knew how to catharsis through three different songs, the first would tell us what would have happened with Piqué thanks to its song I congratulate youlater showed a much more emotional side with Monotonía together with ozuna and finally the most controversial session and one of the music producer’s public favorites bizarre that continues to be in the first places among the favorites of the public.

Who is Luis Fernando Ochoa? A key man in Shakira’s career

Shakira has just shared a photograph with a man who was much more important in her life than Piqué himself. It is a key piece in her career, who was in charge of bringing the music industry, remember Anthology, Barefoot and Inevitable?, the mind behind these endearing ballads was Luis Fernando Ochoa.

This image could anticipate a new stage in music for Shakira. Perhaps she will put aside, for a moment, her musical collaborations with contemporary music such as the dance genre, reggaeton and bachata to delve into the music that made her a musical benchmark.

Many fans asked Shakira return to those ballads that turned her into a pop icon of the early 2000sthe woman who began her career from lyrics that mixed metaphors and topics such as love and broken hearts, hope and the possibility of being reborn, in addition to that feeling of empowerment.

Of American and Colombian nationality, the 54-year-old producer and composer met the singer again, which could be an omen of new songs to come, his work is recognized for collaborating with other great artists such as Chayanne and Ricky Martin, and Bacilli with their theme Moon facetaking different Grammy Award nominations thanks to this work.

The first topic he worked on Shakira with Luis Fernando Ochoa, was Where are you Love? collaborating in his studio in Bogotá when sonymusic I would have entrusted him to work with this young girl with a wide smile and overflowing energy, who, upon concluding with this song, realized the energy and potential they had to work as a duo.

In an interview for The Herald Luis Fernando Ochoawould have commented more about the legendary theme of the Colombian Anthology talking about the inspiration and the influences that they took up again at the time of composing it, in which the atmosphere breathed emotion, and it was taken up again Sarah of Fleetwood Maclater, we would see this formula in That you stay with me, Laundry service Y Where are the thieves?.