Who is Melissa Martinez, wife of Matías Mier and journalist

One of the sports presenters most loved by Colombians is Melissa Martínezdeclared fan of Junior del Barranquilla.

He was born in Soledad and grew up in Barranquilla, Atlántico. When she was 17 years old, she met renowned Colombian broadcaster Édgar Perea, who became his mentor in the sports world.

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In the capital of the Atlantic, Melissa studied Social Communication and Journalism. After graduation, he began working at Radio Mar Caribe. It was there that he had his first contact with experts from different disciplines, feeling attraction to the world of sports journalism.

His television career began when he debuted on the regional channel Telecaribe. There she had her first experience as a presenter. In 2006 she became a weekend correspondent for Noticias RCN, from Barranquilla. Three years later, she became the ‘National Patroller’ of the same information house, and later, she began to cover sports in Fútbolmania RCN, until September 2018.

It was there that she began to shine and managed to position herself as one of the best sports presenters in the country, both who later became part of Fox Sports and currently works at ESPN.

How old is Melissa Martinez?

The presenter was born on January 29, 1986 in Soledad, Atlántico, and is currently 36 years old. On his Instagram profile, he has a solid community of 2.6 million followers. there he usually posts photos and videos of his professional and personal life.

How many and which surgeries does Melissa Martínez, wife of Matías Mier, have?

The physical change that the woman from Soledad has had has been very evident. Several years ago she looked several kilos overweight, thensurprised with a sudden weight loss, and currently sports a statuesque body who is flattered by his followers.

In addition to his discipline with exercise and dietary changes, a while ago, Melissa underwent a gastric bypass, because at some point in her life, she weighed almost 100 kilos. Also, a few years ago he underwent a rhinoplasty that helped him further refine his face.

So far, these have been his only surgical procedures. On one occasion, Internet users speculated about a supposed buttock augmentation, but she clarified that this part of her body is completely natural.

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Melissa Martinez before and after

Through their social networks, The presenter has shown some images of the physical changes that her body has had. The professional declared that she is very proud, because each stage of her life has brought her a lesson.

Matías Mier and Melissa Martínez separated?

For several weeks, it has been rumored on social networks that Melissa and her husband Matías would have separated. Everything arose as a result of the absence of photos and videos in her Instagram accounts. Then, the Independiente Santa Fe soccer player deleted the images he had, leaving no trace of their relationship.

For now, neither of them has confirmed or denied the information, however, it is speculated that, possibly, It would have been due to infidelity on the part of the player with a young journalist.