Who is Regé Jean Page? The most attractive man in the world, according to a study

In recent days, a study has been circulating on social networks that revealed who were the most attractive men in the world, and Regé Jean Page took the number one spot.

The “Leader of Male Beauty” is a actor of British-Zimbabwean nationality Best known for his role as Simon Basset in the Netflix series ‘The Bridgertons’. He was born in London, though he spent almost his entire childhood in Harare, Zimbabweson of a local nurse and English father a preacher by profession.

According to the information compiled by this English media newspaper, Jean returned to London as a teenager, where she graduated in 2013 from the London Drama Centre.

His first acting jobs were produced in West End plays such as “The History Boys” or “The Merchant of Venice.” He also participated in the BBC series ‘Waterloo Road’.

In 2016 he decided to ‘cross the pond’ to enter the US market.

his first job, the remake of the classic ‘Raíces’, earned him critical applause. A couple of years later she signed with Shondaland, the producer of Shonda Rhimes, for whom she stars in the legal series ‘For the People’ and, more recently, in the romantic period drama ‘The Bridgertons’.

How was the study carried out?

As reported by international media, the mathematical operations used to obtain the result were based on the scale called Phi’s Golden Ratio of Beauty, an aesthetic scale that uses the golden ratio as a physical quantifiable measure, and which is used to analyze architectural works and art.

The golden ratio is precisely the study that is carried out to determine the concept of beauty. This measures the symmetry and harmony that exists in various objects of nature, like leaves, branches and human faces.

After all the analysis and tests to which the faces of certain celebrities were subjected, Regé Jean Page obtained a score of 93.65%, the highest of the average. It is followed by Chris Hemsworth, actor of ‘Thor’, with a percentage of 93.53 percent of beauty.