Who is Rubi, the 100% virtual artist imagined by Kikesa?

Rapper Kikesa unveils his album RUBI this Friday. The Nancy rapper appears alongside an amazing singer, after whom the record is named.

This Friday, March 25, Kikesa is making a comeback, but he’s not alone. The rapper from Nancy has just unveiled his new album RUBY, named after the intriguing green-haired artist who appears alongside him on this project. This virtual character comes straight from Kikesa’s childhood.

Described by the rapper as his “childhood friend”, she is for him much more than a fictional character. Indeed, as a child, Kikesa had an imaginary friend. Every evening, after a long day or when he is in low spirits, the teenager confides his sorrows and worries to Rubi in his room.

But as they grew up and as Kikesa’s career evolved, their friendship gradually faded.

From the bedroom to the stage

After the release of his first album, Puzzle, Covid obliges, Kikesa returns to his family in Nancy. While searching in his room, the rapper comes across a memory box. Among them, notebooks of texts and songs written with Rubi but also for her.

“Reading all this again reminded me of Rubi’s existence. I thought it would be so incredible, now that it’s technologically possible, to bring her to life for everyone and not only for me,” says Kikesa.

With the help of his team and the beat-maker P Prod, who learned the basics of 3D modeling especially for the occasion, Kikesa brings Rubi to life. The rapper designs her in a virtual way based on the image he had of her as a child, in his bedroom. He gives it a face, a body but also a personality.

“I had drawn her in my notebooks. It’s exactly how I imagined her. She had green hair. She’s my super badass best friend. It’s not my demonic side, far from it, but she is more comfortable than me and sometimes pushes me to do stupid things,” says Kikesa.

The artist then thinks of using the image of his friend, who is no longer imaginary, to create an album together with her. He is also inspired by Rubi for the very first piece he wrote – which bears his name – and develops the idea even further by having the young girl sing alongside him on certain titles.

“She doesn’t belong to me now”

On Kikesa’s new album, released this Friday, Rubi makes several appearances on the titles Sleep powder, Ruby or the single Julie’s birthdayunveiled on January 21.

On these titles, the virtual artist is present visually but also vocally with a robotic and vocoded voice, very far from a human timbre. Rubi also has an Instagram account in his name, where many fans of the Nancy rapper react.

“Rubi is starting to be better known than me. She gets a lot of messages on the networks, she takes off and doesn’t belong to me anymore. She’s not just my imaginary friend anymore, she’s building her own audience. and she will surely have to evolve solo”, details Kikesa.

But before imagining a solo career for her virtual best friend, Kikesa wants to bring Rubi up on stage alongside her on a tour called “Ruby Tower” which will start on April 15 in Nancy. “It’s my way of rewarding Rubi for helping me create the album and materializing everything that I had in mind when I was younger”, assures Kikesa .

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