Who is Susana Cato, the journalist and writer with whom Gabriel García Márquez had a daughter? – The Sun of Mexico

Last Sunday, Gustavo Tatis Guerra, a specialist in the work and life of Gabriel García Márquez, announced that the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature had a daughter with the Mexican writer Susana Cato.

As published in The universal from Cartagena, Gabo had a daughter, Indira, with Susana Cato, with whom he worked in the production of You don’t play with love.

Who is Susana Cato?

The name of García Márquez is known throughout the world, so the news about the daughter of whom nobody knew spread like wildfire, and curiosity was ignited to meet the woman with whom the author of One hundred years of solitude conceived Indira.

Susana Cato is a journalist, writer and cultural promoter born in Mexico City in 1960. Throughout her career, she has written the novel isjir, which portrays his grandfather’s journey to get from Iraq to Oaxaca, and They, the women of 68, a text that recovers the memories and experiences of women who were protagonists of the 1968 student movement.

In addition, Susana Cato is the creator of the Blanquito Theater, an itinerant venue that takes the theater around the capital. Likewise, she served as Director of Culture, in 2000, of the then Coyoacán delegation, during the administration of the actress María Rojo – who is also one of the women who make up her text on the 68 movement.

As a screenwriter, in addition to the film in which he participated with García Márquez, Cato was part of the short film How great you are, Magazo! –directed by Indira Cato, the daughter he had with Gabo.

The journalist also writes for the magazine Process, with whom he edited They, the women of 68. His daughter also contributes a column for the publication.

Colombian journalist Daniel Coronell announced that the Mexican and the Colombian Nobel Prize winner met in Cuba, while she was studying at the San Antonio de los Baños International Film School.