Who is the ‘Colombian Barbie’ and why does she attack Epa Colombia?

Epa Colombia continues to be involved in controversy due to accusations and strong words from opponents. Recently, the “Colombian Barbie”, whose first name is Tatiana Murillo, declared war on the keratin businesswoman on her social networks.

The trans model, who was in fact close to Epa, has made several statements against the businesswoman. Barbie’s discontent began when she expressed that she did not agree with Daneidy Barrera’s new relationship with her current partner, Karol Samantha. The model even assured that Karol was with her out of her interest.

In addition, he even talked about the price of the businesswoman’s products and denied an audio in which Barrera confesses to having injected biopolymers.

“I was a webcam model and now I have two credit cards. The bank gave them to me for all the money I earned, and with that I set up my hairdresser, “said Barbie through her Instagram stories.

“I have all the receipts that show that I bought everything. I set up that business with a partner, but she took advantage of it and stole everything from me”, she also said that “One day she was going to give me all the hairdressing products, and I asked her for five liters of keratin, but he didn’t want to and only agreed to give me four. If she said it, it is because she has a braver tongue than mine, “she concluded.

However, through his social networks he spoke about various processes that he is currently experiencing in his life. That includes his move to his luxurious penthouse, the future with his current girlfriend and even mentioned the prank that La Liendra played on him.

Despite the criticism, the businesswoman pointed out that she is in a good moment in her life, as she pointed out that they are no longer attacking her partner and that she is leaving her past behind. In an Instagram question box, Epa revealed some details of her life as a couple.

He assured that they are not living together, because he believes that it is too early for that, since he hopes to reach a year to make that decision. In addition, he told how they met and stated that the two had a long history.

“I met her at school, we were best friends, there was always something between us, but she didn’t say anything and neither did I. Also, I was super rude, I loved her eyes, but later I tell them the gossip well ”, Epa said.

Among other questions, Epa was also asked if she wanted to have children with her partner, to which she answered yes. That she did see herself with children running around the penthouse.

The imprudence of Epa Colombia when showing its penthouse:

Epa Colombia returned to show details of his home, although this time he went overboard. Through a video, she presented the areas of her new home. “Friend, how did you like my wonderful penthouse, love. You see? When you do well, you are doing well lovefrom having nothing to having everything, that depends on you and how you act in your life”, said the businesswoman, lying on a sofa in her living room.

Among so many luxuries, Epa continued to walk through her room, leaving and arriving at the “visitor’s bathroom”, which for most people is an intimate and personal area.

Now, his gestures say it all. This is when such an emotional tour reaches the unpleasant part of him and in the foreground he sat on the toilet, made faces and sounds, which according to his followers were unpleasant.

In this pose the influencer He added: “friend, but this bathroom does give it; this is like the one… when someone comes to visit me, but I’ve already released it, “said the influencer.