Who is the communications chief of Gustavo Petro and ex-wife of Agmeth Escaf

In one of the several leaked videos about Gustavo Petro’s meetings, He talks about the head of communications who accompanied him for eight monthssince he announced his adhesion to the campaign of the candidate of the Historical Pact in April 2021 and withdrew in December of that year.

In the images released by Semana are Gustavo Petro, his wife Verónica Alcocer, former senator Armando Benedetti, Eduardo Ávila (campaign manager), Eduardo Noriega (Petro’s collaborator for more than a decade) and Xavier, a Spanish politician and businessman. They all talk about the communications strategy and that María Antonia Pardo, the head of communications, should be out of office.

María Antonia was doing it with what she could, but she does not have a specialist team for that“Eduardo Avila said. Seconds later, Benedetti assumes the responsibility of removing her from her position: “I blame myself and she believes that the son… was me.”

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This is the complete talk in which they tell who would assume their position and other details of what they should do as a communications strategy:

Who is Gustavo Petro’s head of communications

In April, María Antonia Pardo, better known as ‘Nany’ Pardo for her popularity on social networksvery happily announced his link to Gustavo Petro’s team.

I inform you that a new stage has begun in my professional life as director of communications for Gustavo Petro. A job challenge from which I hope to contribute my grain of sand to the change that this country is crying out for,” he wrote on his Twitter account with more than 109,000 followers.

Despite the fact that in the past she had been critical of Petro, by April 2021 she decided to put those differences aside and start working hand in hand in pursuit of the presidential candidacy.

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During his eight months of work alongside Gustavo Petro there were several controversies for which she had a lot of prominence on social networks until in December she announced that she was leaving her position.

From his message on social networks, it seemed that his departure was on the best terms, because he ended up praising his former boss, telling him that “there is definitely no reason to fear him, because he is a beautiful, noble human being, without a dictatorial spirit, who has an excellent sense of humor and with which you can talk face to face”, among other good things.

María Antonia Pardo is the ex-wife of Agmeth Escaf

the presenter, elected as a representative to the Chamber by the Historical Pact list, he was married to ‘Nany’ Pardo for 25 years. As a result of this relationship, two children were born, they built a company and much more.

The reasons for their separation were not really disclosed, although they noted that “the differences that over the years became irreconcilable never had to do with a lack of affection in any case“. What they did explain is that “they have more to do with the fact that he really likes living in Barranquilla and I really like living in Bogotá.”

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They ended their relationship in 2016 and after that they made the formal papers to sign their divorce, although they seemed to have a good communication because Aghmet Escaf ended up joining her politically for these elections in which he ended up with public office.