Who is the Korean girl of your WhatsApp stickers? The story of Jinmiran – The Sun of Mexico

For a long time we could see the face of a Korean girl in different memes and stickers that circulated on social networks so it became a sensation and one of the favorite images to share.

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What characterizes her and made her so popular are her multiple expressions that, by representing different states of mind, clearly more than one would feel identified and thanks to that a large number of stickers were created, but who is this little girl who with different photos of her traveled the world through the internet?

The girl, known as Rohee or Jinmiran Baby is a celebrity originally from North Korea that in 2021 he was four years old and that now, thanks to his popularity, he has an Instagram account of more than 1.5 million followers.

This account was created by her mother who, seeing that her daughter’s attitudes were liked by thousands of people, decided to share moments of her life through social networks.

In your profile you can find photos and videos of his daily life showing what he has eaten in or what is the favorite toy of the moment. We can also see her next to her little sister enjoying moments of fun or her mother who is surely the one who manages the account and supervises it.

Apparently and thanks to the popularity it has, is small and has contracts to make commercials and participate in television programs.

Notably in 2019 it went viral and was part of thousands of messages sent in WhatsApp to express happiness, anger or very sleepy. However, after the great impact that Jinmiran caused, her mother announced that she did not agree with the distribution of her daughter’s image and that only her parents had her rights.

His Instagram account is currently active and public.so you still have free access to the photos and videos of the little Korean girl.

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