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Nadia Ferreira and Marc Anthony got married this Saturday, January 28, in Miami and since then, the international press and social media have talked about nothing more than the fourth wedding of the 54-year-old singer and the first of the 23-year-old model. .

One of the great moments for a woman is that her father takes her to the altar, however, the former beauty queen was not led to say “Yes, I accept” by her father, since her father, of whom very little is known He abandoned her when her mother got pregnant.

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Who is the man who accompanied Nadia Ferreira to the altar?

With the absence of the father of the Paraguayan model, someone had to make the commitment to accompany her to the altar and who better to do it than her own father-in-law, Don Felipe Muñiz, the father of her now husband, Marc Anthony.

The 80-year-old singer also took his daughter-in-law to the altar to marry his son, which moved social networks, but who is Felipe Muñiz?

Marc Anthony’s father is a perfect example that everything in life is possible if there is passion. At 80, the man who spent much of his adult life singing as an amateur while raising his children, recorded a debut album.

Muñiz’s record production is entitled “Nunca es Tarde” and has exquisite musical arrangements, lilting boleros and a duet with none other than Tito Nieves.

Don Felipe told AARP en Español that for the preparation of the album, his son “has stopped supporting me. If he doesn’t support me, I smack him (laughs). We are collaborating together, and something very nice is going to come out in the near future, ”he commented in reference to a possible topic with the salsa singer.

On the other hand, the singer assured that, “depending on the success of this first work, I imagine that another album will come out there. It is the thought of my team. I wish”.

Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira got engaged in May 2022, two months after their relationship became known. Since then, the model has been the target of the international press and no details of her father have ever been revealed, only that he abandoned her when her mother became pregnant.

However, from Ludy Ferreira, mother of the model, it is known that she is inseparable from her daughter, she is even responsible for promoting Nadia’s career. She considers her the only family of hers, along with her sister, whose name is only known as Eli. (AND)

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