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Leave everything behind. the influencer mario irivarren He caught the attention of his followers on social networks after being caught in a particular situation with a young woman.

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The former partner of the model Vania Bludau was recorded while dancing with a mysterious blonde woman. In the images shared by the Instarándula portal, the businessman is also observed with unknown happiness, whom she surrounds with her arms and accompanies in some dance pirouettes to the rhythm of salsa.

“Samu look, Mario has fun in Ibiza,” wrote one of the followers of the aforementioned website. The creator of the page, the journalist Samuel Suárez, could not help speaking about it.

“I’m sure it’s in mode. Who is Vania? I do not get it. From living a toxic romance to a blonde’s dance teacher, “commented the popular ‘Samu’, along with some fun emojis, in the publication.

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Vania Bludau reveals that Mario Irivarren hanged her more than once: “the last one was in front of friends”

In the latest edition of her ATV show, Magaly Medina showed chats where Vania Bludau reveals that she was assaultedmore than once by Mario Irivarren. One of those attacks was even in front of friends.

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The chats are from a conversation that Vania Bludau had with Mario Irivarren’s friend, Evelyn Jiménez. It is worth mentioning that the young woman attacked the model on social networks.

“He has hanged me more than once. and the last one was in front of friends and that was the height of shame (…) I had already normalized it, that’s the problem, because he always said that he came from traumas and fights from his past relationship “, it is read in Vania’s chat.

Then he continued: “I think no one deserves this and it is for that reason that I no longer want to be with him. Believe me, I even paid for the psychiatrist because I love him.”