Who is who in Alejandra Guzmán’s series in real life?

As with famous artists, Alejandra Guzmán had a series about her life called “La Guzmán: La Reina Del Rock”, which premiered in 2019 on the Imagen Televisión channel.

In order to carry out this story and tell details of each moment she lived, the production carried out an intensive casting of which the actress Majida Issa was chosen to play the role of the singer. In fact, in several public appearances, she was struck by how similar her voice is to the original.

On the other hand, Manuel Mansalva played Luis Enrique Guzmán, the artist’s father and was accompanied by Carmen Madrid, Silvia Pinal being his ex-wife. And although Alejandra’s parents were very important in her life, her nanny named Tara was also very important and that is why she appeared in the series, in the hands of Aleyda Gallardo.

Emilio Guzmán, the rocker’s uncle was present in the plot and Esteban Soberanes was in charge of showing it. Symbolically, there was Renata, an evil character incarnated by Carla Carrillo, who served to represent all the people who hurt Alejandra throughout her life.

Pablo Moctezuma, the man Guzmán fell in love with and became a mother with, is in production under the name Santiago Torrieri. The character was very well performed by Erick Elías.

However, what caught everyone’s attention is that Frida Sofía, their daughter, is not part of the series. Throughout her life, the young woman had a conflictive relationship with her mother and today they have no contact, after she denounced Enrique Guzmán for child sexual abuse.