Who is Wolfgang Puck? He went from a violent childhood to being the chef at the Oscars

Mexico.- The gala of the oscars 2022 would not be the same if on the ornate tables in front of the Dolby Theater the delicious dishes of the Chef Wolfgang Puckwho has satisfied the hunger of the stars that shine in this event for several years.

Wolfgang Puck in 2020 at the Oscars with his son Byron./ Photo: Instagram

Wolfgang Puck’s story has a dark past, which contrasts with the great success he has achieved in gastronomy. Her childhood was not lived as a happy child, but as an abused child.

Before abandoning his Austrian origin, he lived under the same roof with a violent man who over and over again told him that he was worthless, and also abused his sister, he was his stepfather Joseph Puck.

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However, when Wolfgang Puck was determined not to be crushed by that reality, and to follow in the footsteps of his mother, who worked as a cook, this new vision of a better future gradually led him to become one of the best chefs. of the world.

Wolfgang Puck in his beginnings as a chef./ Photo: Instagram

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From Austria to France

It was at the age of 14 that Wolfgang Puck left home to start working as a cook, first in hotels, where he learned the basics of cooking.

Later he emigrated to Francewhere he had his first opportunities in prestigious restaurants such as: Baumaniere’s L’Oustauunder the orders of Chef Raymond Thuilier; the Hotel de Paris in Monacoand the Maxim’s on Paris.

From Europe to the United States

Once Wolfgang Puck learned all about the french gastronomy and became more and more passionate about being one of the best chefs in the world, he made another decision that would change his life: to move from Europe to United States.

In the 1970s, when he was 24 years old, the chef came to The Angels hired by employer Patrick Terrailupscale restaurant owner Ma Maison on beverly hills.

His style in the kitchen, which matched his early years as a cook with menus from France, caught the attention of distinguished diners and celebrities alike. Hollywoodwhich began to give him more and more fame.

Wolfgang Puck has two Michelin stars, and another on the Hollywood Walk of Fame./ Photo: Instagram

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Open your own restaurant

Already with deserved recognition in United StatesWolfgang Puck and his wife barbara lazaroff they opened in 1982 their restaurant called spago on Sunset Stripwhere it included pizzas with gourmet ingredients on the menu.

In addition to opening restaurants in other cities in the country, the chef lent his image to new cookbooks, precooked dishes, cooking courses and catering services, including the Oscar awards parties.

One of Wolfgang Puck’s restaurants: Spago in Las Vegas./ Photo: Instagram

Two decades cooking for the Oscars

Chef Wolfgang Puck has distinguished himself by satisfying the hunger, craving and style of the celebrities who year after year come to the Oscar awardsthe most important cinema event.

An example of Wolfgang Puck respecting the ideas of the stars and adapting them to his kitchen is that time joaquin phoenix went to the Oscar gala and the chef served 15 vegan dishes because the interpreter of “The Joker” does not eat meat.

“We made about 15 different and really good vegan dishes so that if you ate them you wouldn’t miss any food. That doesn’t mean we didn’t do great steaks, lobster, fish… We did a lot of different things. We cook for the whole world”, chef Wolfgang Puck explained in an interview with El País.

For this 2022, among the delicacies that will be served at the Oscar gala are a Maine lobster pot pie with spring vegetables, wagyu beef burgers with fries and cacio e pepe macaroni and cheese.

Some of their desserts and dishes for the Oscars are shaped like a golden statuette./ Photo: Instagram

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Wolfgang Puck’s Restaurants

Today, chef Wolfgang Puck’s most famous restaurants are:

spagoin Beverly Hills, which also has two Michelin stars

Chinois on Mainlocated in Santa Monica

dessertin Las Vegas and in San Francisco

CUT Beverly Hillsin Beverly Hills, with a Michelin star

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