Who makes more money on YouTube in 2022, Danna Paola or Belinda?

Danna Paola and Belinda have a long history in the artistic world, since both found their vocation from a very young age and began a journey many years ago that today allows them to establish themselves as true stars.

Both artists currently enjoy job offers, fame, success and popularity, as well as a lot of money. Both are millionaires, each boasting a net worth of $10 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

The two beautiful celebrities have various sources of income, as they are both actresses, singers, models and businesswomen. And they not only make money from these different facets but also from live concerts and views of their songs on YouTube.

It is estimated that Danna Paola generates around 350 thousand dollars on YouTube, according to a report from Tuenlinea.com.

However, in order to make a direct comparison between the earnings of both, we are going to take into account the references of the Youtubers.me portal. In this site that studies the statistics of artists on YouTube, it is broken down that Belinda earns between 200 and 1,000 dollars per month; while her pair Danna Paola receives 11 thousand and 67 thousand dollars per month, a much higher number.