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The life of Shakira for months she has been dismayed on all sides. First, there were the accusations of infidelity from her ex-partner, the soccer player Gerard Piquéwhich put her in the sights of all media; then came the separation between the two, and finally, his father went through a pothole of Health.

Now, the woman from Barranquilla returns to attend a hospitalthis time because William Mebarak, his father had a new relapse. To complete the tragic picture, Shakira had a mishap on her trip to the clinic.

Shakira got flat tires

As reported by Hola magazine, William Mebarak entered the Teknon clinic in Barcelona, Spaindue to a fall he suffered a few days ago.

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And since Shakira is still very attentive to her father’s state of health, the singer quickly left in the direction of the health center.

However, when he arrived at the clinic, the tires of his truck were destroyed, to the point that he had to call a tow truck to take it away.

According to the newspaper El Economista, the van of the interpreter of “Te Felicito” is of the brand volkswagenand it was found that the two front wheels of the car They were the ones that broke on the way.

Health status of William Mebarak

A few months ago, the health of William Mebarak began to worry the fans of the singer, as they emerged Photographs of her riding in an ambulance accompanying him.

Days after that moment, it was learned that the singer assisted her father in the recovery process, and even published a video in which it was seen how it helped him practice words to improve his cognitive skills.

However, this time the details of Shakira’s father’s current state of health are not known.

Meanwhile, the singer surfs a wave of adversity between supporting her father and managing the separation with Piqué, which, apparently, will involve a legal battle for the custody of their two children in common; Milan and Sasha. (AND)

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