Who taught Carlos Santana to play the guitar?

Carlos Santana is a Mexican musician, nationalized American, and considered one of the best guitarists in the world.

The native of Autlán de Navarro (Jalisco) discovered his love for music at a very young age, at the hands of his father José who was a violinist and taught him to play this instrument. However, some time later a young Santana no longer found pleasure in the violin and ended up leaning towards the guitar.

His mentor was Javier Bátiz, also known as “El Brujo” and with an impeccable career that puts him in a place of “legend”. This guitarist from Tijuana was the one who “defined the course” of Santana, according to the guitarist himself.

“My mother told me I’m going to bring you to a place in Tijuana so you can see this musician. Your father invested a lot of time in music for you to leave it… So, he took me to see Javier,” Santana said in an interview about of the moment in which the mother motivated him to continue in music even though he no longer wanted to play the violin.

“Music hit me very hard. From him I learned from T-Bone Wlaker, from BB King, Little Richards, Ray Charles. Javier was the one who opened the door to another world for me. To the world of the electric guitar”, said Santana who then he became a real star.