Who wants to be my partner: Internet users shocked by the behavior of Anthony Bourbon in the face of farmers (ZAPTV)

In Who wants to be my partner, broadcast on M6, Wednesday January 4, two farmers came to present their reusable straw project. Project which did not at all convince Anthony Bourbon, very hard with the two entrepreneurs. A behavior that shocked internet users.

Farmers and entrepreneurs. Jean-Sebastien and Marine, cereal producers, came to present their reusable rye straw business to investors from Who wants to be my partnerbroadcast on M6, Wednesday January 4, asking for 50,000 euros against 15% of the shares of their company. “In our situation, the profession of farmer does not allow us to pay all the family bills”explained Jean-Sebastien before presenting his product.

Presentation that did not convince Anthony Bourbon: The pitch was complicated, it was very much by heart. “Because they are very stressed”defended Marc Simoncini. “But this is the time when you shouldn’t be stressed. They come for money. “Oh poor people, they are stressed”, no. This is where you have to change your life, you have to be a seller. »

Anthony Bourbon: “Isn’t this more of a charity project?” »

And Anthony Bourbon did not stop there in the reviews. “From a business point of view, I had a hard time projecting the gain that investors could make, did he notice. Sorry to be so cold, but when you come to pitch in front of investors, it’s for them to make money. Isn’t this more of a charity project? If you come and get someone to help you, no worries, but from a business point of view, even with 15%, how do you think you can make money for an investor? “. Jean-Sébastien and Marine’s explanations did not convince him, and he obviously did not make an offer. He even launched to his colleagues: Come on, benevolent ones, it’s up to you. »

A contempt that shocked internet users. “Frankly Anthony Bourbon was tough with the farmers”, “Limits he humiliates them…”, “ Anthony Bourbon, he is terribly mean “, “Anthony Bourbon, always so chilling and malevolent”, we could read on Twitter. And Internet users are not the only ones to have been shocked by the speech of the founder of Feed. I completely disagree with Anthony’s analysis. who says that we are in charity and that we will help you only for the emotion. Indeed, we are not on a big project, we are still on a project that makes sense because it responds to a real problem”, said Eric Larchevêque. Jean-Sébastien and Marine had a joint proposal from Delphine André, Marc Simoncini and Eric Larchevêque, which they ended up accepting. Whether it pleases Anthony Bourbon, or not…

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