who was his vainazo for

Through his Twitter account, Vallenato music singer Peter Manjarrés spoke about one of the hottest topics in interpersonal relationships and which Diomedes Díaz turned into a musical success: ‘La Envy’.

“Envy is bad for our country, instead of promoting healthy competition so that there is progress, the opposite happens, it stagnates growth,” the artist published.

To whom did Manjarrés dedicate the trill? Although not specific, the artist could speak of the circle of artists, and It would not be the first time in the genre that someone raises their voice complaining for dishonest behavior in the middle.

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“The motivation of the person is not so much to stand out above others, but above all to prevent others from standing out”finish off the trill.

It is worth mentioning that the artist has been characterized by exposing his thoughts. On March 20, he launched a trill where he demanded more proposals and solidarity with the country from the candidates for the Presidency.

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“It’s already good, think about the country. We need to listen to sensible proposals and solutions for so many problems that Colombia has”, sentenced the vallenato artist.

You can also see the entrance in El Pilón.