Who was Selena married to when she died?

Unexpectedly and when she was enjoying great popularity, Selena was murdered by one of her best friends. And at that time the singer was also married to Chris Pérez, the love of her life, who of course was devastated by the loss of her.

The young people starred in a story marked by conflicts since when he joined the group Selena y los Dinos as a guitarist, they both experienced an instant attraction. That was how they began to see each other secretly since the interpreter’s father was staunchly opposed to the link.

However, it seems that neither was willing to give up being happy and that is why they secretly married on April 2, 1992 in Texas. They then told Abraham, who had no choice but to accept Perez into the family.

From that moment it seems that Selena’s personal life had an impact on her work, because she began to shine on stage as a soloist, generating more and more fanaticism in the public. But on March 31, 1995 Yolanda Saldívar (her friend, employee and president of her fan club) rebuked her in a hotel and shot her, causing her death.

On this subject Chris told the media: “I took out the ring and put it on Selena’s finger, then I got down on my knees, said a prayer and said my last goodbye”. Until today, on his social networks, he dedicates emotional messages to her on each anniversary.