Who was the actor of “Club de Cuervos” and “La Rosa de Guadalupe” who died

Photos: @chapoisat
Photos: @chapoisat

The actor Andres Pardavé, known for his role as mayor on the series Ravens Club, passed away yesterday after 40 years of artistic career and playing important characters in Mexican cinema.

This Tuesday, the ANDA National Association of Actors announced the unfortunate death of one of its members who worked for many years in the national entertainment industry thanks to the characters he gave life to throughout his career.

Through your account Twitter, ANDA published a photograph of Andrés Pardavé along with a sensitive message where it was announced that the actor lost his life. In the same way, the association extended its condolences to his family and loved ones without giving more details about it.

The National Association of Actors deeply regrets the death of our colleague Andrés Pardavé. Our condolences to your family and friends. Rest in peace”The tweet reads.

(Capture: @ andactores / twitter)
(Capture: @ andactores / twitter)

However, after a few minutes, Gradys Mendez, who claimed to be the actor’s daughter. Through the comments, he made it known that his father Andrés Pardavé died due to complications after he contracted COVID-19.

“Many thanks to the National Association of Actors for this release. My father, unfortunately, was infected with Covid and unfortunately lost the battle against this disease“He wrote in response to the tweet published by ANDA.

Gradys Méndez took advantage of the space to announce that the actor would be cremated during the morning of this Wednesday and reported that his remains will rest in one of the vicinity of the Guadalupano Garden Pantheon. Similarly, the actor’s daughter announced that the family would meet at the place before noon.

Photos: @chapoisat
Photos: @chapoisat

From his Facebook account, Gradys thanked the actor’s entire family. He recognized the support that all his relatives and friends gave his family in the face of this sensitive loss.

“We are infinitely grateful for all the expressions of affection for my lord father. He was a father, husband and, from what I see, an extraordinary friend“, wrote.

According to the information that Andrés Pardavé offered from his profile of Facebook, was an actor from Mexico City who during his youth decided to study the career of accountancy.

However, his true passion was the performing arts, so he decided to start preparing as an actor in the Cinematographic Training Center located on the Tlalpan road.

Photos: @chapoisat
Photos: @chapoisat

Thanks to Andrés Pardavé following his dream and honing his artistic skills, Mexicans can enjoy his talent in various films and television series. In particular, the Mexican actor participated in period projects such as Rip my life and in some related to the form of the Mexicans, such as The thin yellow line.

Yet he never strayed from Televisa, the company where he worked for several years. On the well-known San Ángel television station, Andrés Pardavé appeared in some chapters of As the saying goes and The rose of Guadalupe.

But the character for which he is most remembered today is due to his participation in the successful comic series of Netflix, Ravens Club, in which He worked alongside Luis Gerardo Méndez, Mariana Treviño, Jesús Zabala, Joaquín Ferreira, Stephanie Cayo, among other actors in the production.

In the story, Andrés Pardavé gave life to the governed “Arturo Gomez Prieto”, A character put the“ Iglesias ”brothers in trouble for the decisions he made during his tenure.


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