Who will win The Academy? This is the prediction of Mhoni Seer

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- The Academy comes to an end this Sunday and there are many predictions and bets that begin to appear on social networks about who will take the long-awaited first place.

Cesia, Mar and Nelson are the favorites to take the prize and become the next star, for this reason, the famous Mhoni Seer rrevealed who will be the winner of the TV Azteca reality show.

went through Youtubethat the Cuban mentioned that she sees winning the Honduran Cesia or to representative of Guatemala, Nelson.

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“I think Nelson or Cesia wins (…) I’m more into Nelson than winning The Academy, he seems very talented and very bright to me,” he said.

He added that both participants are very talented, so he even recommends that they tour once the program ends.

talentless ruby

Similarly, Mhoni criticized the Rubí’s arrival in the final and stated that he has no talent to have come to this place.

“It seems to me that there is a trick locked up. At the moment that Rubí passes, there are five finalists, ”she pointed out.

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He also mentioned: “Rubí did not have to pass and wants to continue making the controversy (…) singing is a talent, but Rubí even if he takes school, nothing, he has no tables.”

Therefore, he recommended Rubí to throw a 15-year party again.

Cesia and Acha