Whoopi Goldberg: the actress returns to her shocking remarks on the Holocaust… and gives it a layer!

Last February, Whoopi Goldberg was suspended from The View after she claimed the Holocaust was “not about race”. Asked by The Times to promote her latest film, Emmett Till, the actress returned to her controversial remarks.

She persists and signs. Whoopi Goldberg was singled out last February for saying on The View that the holocaust was “not a matter of race” but a question of the inhumanity of men towards men“. In an interview with The Times, published this December 23, the actress reiterated her controversial remarks when it was pointed out to her that the Nazis certainly believed that the Holocaust was linked to race. “It was the killers, wasn’t it? The oppressor tells you what you are. Why do you believe them? They are Nazis. Why believe what they say?“, she explained before declaring that the Holocaust”was not originally“a matter of race.”Remember who they killed first. They were not killing racial people, but natural people. They were killing people they considered mentally retarded. And then they made this decision“. Whoopi Goldberg then assured that being Jewish was not a race like being black, since it was not identifiable.”It doesn’t change the fact that you couldn’t recognize a Jew on the street, she launched. “You could find me. You couldn’t find them. That’s what I was trying to say.”

Whoopi Goldberg under fire from critics

I thought that was a relevant discussion because as a black person I think race is something I can see“, she explained last February, after having suffered numerous criticisms for her remarks in The View. “It upset a lot of people, which was never my intention, never (…) People were very angry, and said ‘no, we are a race’. And I understand. I felt things differently. I respect everything that everyone tells me“, she had clarified before adding: “I’m very upset that people misunderstood what I was saying. And because of that, they say I’m anti-Semitic, that I deny the Holocaust, and all these other things that would never cross my mind.

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