Why are Tom Brady and Giselle Bündchen divorcing?

Tom Brady and Giselle Bündchen had a solid marriage for years, but now various media indicate that celebrities are starting their divorce due to a strong crisis.

Apparently the problems between the athlete and the Victoria’s Secret model began several weeks ago after an argument and according to what a source told the Page Six newspaper, they are currently living separately. “I never thought that this discussion would be the end for them, but it seems so”he recounted.

On the other hand, this person close to both stated: “I don’t think there is a reconciliation now,” in addition to adding: “They both have lawyers and they’re looking at what this breakup would mean, what each will get and what the finances will look like.”

Tom and Giselle had a courtship that lasted a short time until they decided to get married in 2009. A year later they welcomed their first son named Benjamin and in 2013 Vivian arrived to complete the family group, to which Jack, the first heir to the athlete, already belonged, product of a previous relationship.

In various interviews, the Brazilian expressed that by forming a multicultural marriage, she had a lot of fun with the football player speaking in different languages ​​and this showed that she was very much in love.

Despite the difficult present they are going through, but taking into account how well they function as parents, from their closest environment they believe that they will share custody of the minors and will continue to have them as a priority in their lives.