Why Camille Vásquez is affectionate with Johnny Depp: her Colombian roots

About the professional, who can be considered Colombian by her father, and the actor from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, it was rumored that there was possibly a courtship between them, for the constant signs of affection that were given.

After the trial was over, where Vásquez and Depp came out winners, she spoke about her true relationship with the artist and clarified that could not do it before, because by order of the court he could not accept interviews.

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She assured that between her and Depp there is no courtshipas many assumed, and that they only have a friendly bond, in addition to the professional one.

Camille Vásquez says why she is affectionate with Johnny Depp

The lawyer, who was promoted after winning Depp’s case against Heard, gave an interview in ‘Gordo y la flaca’ where she pointed out that his expressions of love towards his client come from his Colombian and Cuban roots, that are inherited from their parents.

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“He is my friend, but he is also my client. He was going through something very difficult. […] And I’m Hispanic; I like to hug and touch people. I give him a hug because he needed it,” she declared in Spanish.

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Vásquez knows the actor about 4 years agohe revealed on the program, and they have built a solid friendship, he reiterated as heard in the following video:

Who is the boyfriend of Johnny Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vásquez

The lawyer is in love, but not with the American actor, she confessed. Her boyfriend, with whom she had just been in a relationship for 7 months, is British. No details about him are known, but she assured that “the boy” is “very good”.