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Alice Machado rose to international fame in nineteen ninety sixafter being crowned miss Universe At age 19.

Almost thirty years later, his coronation continues to give something to talk about. All because after her triumph, the young Venezuelan model suddenly gained weightwhich earned him harsh accusations.

And despite the time those criticisms have not been forgottenespecially since the cruelest came from the former beauty pageant ownerthe former president of the United States donald trump.

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just during the Donald Trump vs. Presidential Campaign Hillary ClintonIn 2016, the Republican’s comments were remembered with the aim of discrediting him.

As a spokeswoman for Democrat Clinton, Machado recalled at the time that Trump, when the owner of the beauty pageant, he used to call her Miss Piggy, Miss Housewife, fat, ugly, and other epithets having gained weight after his victory.

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What happened to Alicia Machado in Miss Universe 1996

In an interview to Washington Post In 1997, Alicia recounted: “When I was preparing for Miss Universe, it was an obsession for me not to gain weight. By the time I won, I actually was recovering. But the year before, I didn’t eat anything. And whatever he ate, he vomited.. I was 116 pounds (52 kg) when I won. She was skeletal.”

In her first year as Miss Universe, which coincided with the appointment of Trump as Executive Producer of the competition, gained about 60 pounds, according to a CNN report from that time; although Alicia later commented that she had only been a little over 15 pounds.

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Either way, Trump and the Miss Universe pageant saw this weight gain as a disturbing problem.. During a press conference that both held at the time, Trump explained to the media that she was 118 or 117 pounds (53 kg) and went up to 160 or 170 (72 kg to 77 kg). “So this is someone who likes to eat,” he joked on camera.

Next, the former US head of state invited the reporters to watch her during a forced exercise session. Thus showing, apparently, the young woman’s commitment to adhere to beauty standards that the contest promoted decades ago. “Some people when they have pressure eat too much. Like me. Like Alice”he snapped.

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Donald Trump never regretted his comments

In a campaign video posted by Clinton on Twitter in 2016Machado stated that Trump threatened to take away her crown after she gained weight. Hence perhaps her motivation to star in the infamous clip exercising in front of everyone.

“It was overwhelming. I was very afraid of him. He yelled at me all the time. He told me: ‘You look ugly’ or ‘You look fat’. She sometimes she would ‘joke’ with me and say: ‘Hello Miss Piggy’, ‘Hello Miss Housewife’”.

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In an interview with foxnews in September 2016, Trump seemed defend your comments.

Said Ms. Machado was “the worst (Miss Universe) that we have had. The worst. The absolute worst. It was impossible. She was the winner, and she gained a huge amount of weight.and it was a real problem… Not only that, but his attitude. And Hillary went back to the years and… she found the girl and talked about her like she was Mother Teresa, and she wasn’t, but that’s okay. Hillary has to do what she has to do.” (AND)