Why did Jada Pinkett break down in tears during her show?

The actress once again captured the attention by ending the family program crying, all after remembering the moment in which Miss USA 2019 took her own life.

Everyone’s eyes have been on Jada Pinkett Smith in recent weeks due to unusual behavior and even considered selfish by some of his followers.

In recent days, his strong statements about his family relationship have generated controversy; However, this time he captured the spotlight after he ended up crying during his family show.

According to the actress, her feelings were on the surface after remembering the painful moment in which Miss United States 2019, Cheslie Krysttook his own life by jumping from a skyscraper in New York, earlier this year.

Due to the alleged farewell letter found in the 30-year-old model’s apartment, the case was treated as a suicide.

One of the guests at Red Table Talks, de Jada was nothing more and nothing less than Kryst’s mother with whom she relived the painful moment. In the middle of the program, her daughter Willow Smithhe saw the need to intervene and comfort his mother.

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Although the full episode has not come to light, part of what happened on the show was posted on Jada’s Instagram account. The approximately two-minute video shows the encounter and the touching moment all parties were involved.

As expected on her return, Jada pointed out that she will not comment on what happened between her husband Will Smith and Chris Rock at the last Oscars.

But it is not ruled out that in the future it will. “Considering everything that has happened in the last few weeks, the Smith family has been focused on his deep healing. Some of the things about our condition and care will be shared at the table when the time is right.” said the actress.