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For many, Shakira Y Gerard Piqué seemed to make up the ideal couple, ever since they met at the 2010. Their love also seemed even more unbreakable when they formed a family with two children in between, milan and sasha. However, after the rumors of a possible infidelity by the soccer player FC Barcelona and then the confirmation of their separation Through an official statement from the Colombian artist, this media fairy tale seems to have found a sad ending.

The Colombian singer has left enough proof that both have agreed to separate, for the welfare of their offspring. What the evidence does not yet clarify is whether there really was infidelity on the part of the Spanish soccer star. That is something that the Spanish defender has not yet referred to in any statement to the press.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué were about to celebrate 12 years of relationship this 2022.

Before their breakup, Piqué had asked Shakira to separate after a trip by the singer; their relationship was already bad since the beginning of 2022

The first to affirm that there is a ‘third in discord’ were the Spanish journalists Lorena Vázquez and Laura Fa in the Mamarazzis podcast. Then the journalist Emilio Pérez Rozas assured that it is “a 22-year-old blonde, who is studying and works as an event hostess in Barcelona.”

Indeed, the pink press has done everything to look under the stones for real evidence that Gerard Piqué has been unfaithful to Shakira. But the only thing that is known are rumours.

On the one hand, it was said that the star’s possible ‘lover’ was the mother of Gavi, the defender’s partner at FC Barcelona. But this was just a hoax denied at the speed of light by the media specialized in entertainment issues.

Blonde, about 20 years old; She would thus be the young woman with whom Piqué would have been unfaithful to Shakira

Why is a friend of Riqui Puig linked to Piqué now and who is she?

The Spanish media have launched a new conspiracy, which is gaining strength with the passing of the hours. Now it is said that the third in the relationship is someone just as close to the sports club.

“She is a friend of Riqui Puig’s (Gemma Iglesias) girlfriend, who we assume was the one who introduced them.” Ricardo Puig Martí, better known as Riqui Puig (22 years old), is also another of Piqué’s teammates at FC Barcelona.

The FC Barcelona player Riqui Puig during the training that the Barça team carried out on Wednesday, March 9. Photo: Alejandro Garcia

“Because there is not, nor will there be another Gerard Piqué”: Shakira’s blind love for the player led her to try to get back with him twice

According to information from The newspaper, where the news of the infidelity initially came from, Puig would have become closer to Piqué in recent months and that is how the ‘match’ with his girlfriend’s friend would have taken place. For now, there are no images or evidence to corroborate it, but, as they mention from Spain, they will continue to report every detail of what happens in this fateful love affair.