Why do they relate Lina Tejeiro with Andy Rivera; there would be hint by hairstyle

The well-known actress has been a trend in social networks due to different situations that she experienced at Aída Victoria Merlano’s birthday party, such as the encounter with Yina Calderón, the request to a content creator for a kiss, her removal of heels for a dance of champagne, among others.

However, in the last few hours, many Internet users mentioned her for a post on Instagram by singer Andy Rivera, her ex-boyfriend, who He made a comment that many related to Lina Tejeiro.

Although a few weeks ago the rumors of a possible reconciliation between the two grew, the urban artist spoke on his networks and made it clear that there is still a long time to go back to having a love relationship with someone.

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What happens with both public figures is of interest to several Colombians, since the courtship they had a few years ago was quite media. In fact, the name of the two went viral again in the last hours for a story of the singer.

Rivera posted on her Instagram profile a story with several photos of women with two-tailed hair, way of combing that Tejeiro uses on a daily basis.

“Long life for those women who make pigtails in their hair,” wrote the singer, accompanying the images with emojis of love.

This was shared by several gossip accounts, in which different Internet users defined the story as a hint to the actress.

“Andy is angry that Lina is happy, how lazy”, “Tomorrow will be the hairstyle of half Colombia”, “Is that why she does it to him?” “very direct hints”, “there I don’t know who doesn’t forget who”, “The toxic has already started, Lina starts dating and he starts with hints”, “That hairstyle is between tender and sexy”, are some of the comments that are read in the publication of the account of the program ‘I know everything’.

Here, the image that uploaded in artist: